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Myoko Backcountry Tours

Myoko Kogen backcountry tours provided by Gozan Lodge are customized to your group's experience level. Tours can start from a number of  lift accessible backcountry locations around the Myoko Kogen Resorts or stunning, uncrowded trailhead locations in the surrounding Myoko-Togakushi-Renzan national park

If you would like to know more before booking please contact us via our enquiry form


We run a number of Myoko guided tours: Single day guided tours, Myoko Valley Multi Day guided Tours and special guided packages like our Myoko Valley + Nozawa Onsen fire festival guided tour package. You can choose either Resort/Slackcountry or Hybrid package which also included experience level based, backcountry options. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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