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Myoko Backcountry Weather

The best of Myoko Kogen's backcountry weather observation sources. We provide a personalised myoko kogen avalanche forecast each morning for our guests and avalanche hazard safety meetings for those who are planning to venture into the winter wonderland that is Myoko Backcountry.

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Japan Avalanche Network

JAN has daily avalanche bulletins during the winter and the observations are taken at the Myoko Suginohara ski patrol plot at Sasagamine. Reports are in Japanese but translate very well with google translate. They currently use Canadian Avalanche Association guide lines for forecasting.

Myoko Kogen Backcountry - Know before you go
Lotte Arai Ski Resort

Japan Meteorological Agency

The JMA Have a number of tools to help backcountry enthusiasts get a better understanding of conditions:

Myoko Weather station last 6/12 hour snowfall amount

(note that these weather stations are at the bottom of the mountain, you can expect 3x up top in most locations)

Myoko Snowfall analysis and prediction

This tool helps us understand snowpack depth and also the snowfall as it happened per 30 mins over the last 24 hours and prediction of next 6 hours

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