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We are eligible for GOTO Accommodation plan Campaign and Voucher campaign

Please use coupon code "GOTO" at checkout for 35% off deal until January 31st 2021

What is Go To Travel?

GoTo Travel is a government subsidy program to help the tourism industry through the coronavirus epidemic. Discount of 50% is applied with 35% being a cash discount and 15% being given in regional vouchers that can be used at registered shops, restaurants and ski resorts.

For Example: 1 Night 2 people is ¥20,000. Guest will pay ¥13,000 and receive ¥3,000 Regional Voucher.

How long is GOTO

Campaign valid

Officially, GOTO Campaign is valid until January 31st 2021. Gozan Lodge will extend 35% discount until February 28th 2021. If GoTo Campaign is extended, vouchers will be included with the accommodation package.

How do I Apply for

GoTo Travel Discount?

Gozan Lodge is approved for self managed GoTo bookings. This means that you can use coupon code “GoTo” in checkout on our site. No frustrating process like staynavi or going through travel agents. You will always get the cheapest rate through our site!

Do you have enhanced measures

because of coronavirus?

Yes, We are applying all protocols recommended by Japanese government and introducing some of our own custom measures:
Gozan Lodge will be open to Private Bookings at a heavily discounted rate to allow at-risk groups or those who want to have a private ski holiday.
For non-private bookings, Gozan Lodge will provide room service Breakfast and Dinner to allow an enjoyable and safe eating environment.
Gozan Lodge will Operate at 70% capacity during the season so that there is ample space for socially distant relaxation in our lounge and bar during apres.

What if GoTo Campaign

is cancelled?

Gozan Lodge will honour all goto 35% discounts but cannot provide regional coupons.

What if I become sick or am afraid to travel for any reason?

Due to coronavirus, We have modified our policy so that guests can change their booking to any available date until march 2022 with the same discount rate. 

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