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Gozan Lodge Myoko

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Where the Lodge's backyard is backcountry heaven

Gozan Lodge is named after our 5 favourite mountains to backcountry ski in the area. We took inspiration for Gozan lodge from 北信五岳 (hokushin gogaku) which is the 5 famous peaks seen from the Nagano/Niigata areas. We provide exclusive guided tours & route assistance (gpx. Files and local knowledge) to all guests who are keen to explore the epic backcountry in the area.



(高妻山) At 2,353m

Takatsuma has some of the most advanced and inspiring terrain in the region. A full day hike from Togakushi National Park trailhead will lead you to the peak which has spectacular views of almost every mountain worth exploring in the area and is well known for a front row view of Hakuba and Japan’s northern alps

Photo - Takatsuma/Otsuma/Sadoyama from Myoko-san



(焼山) At 2,400m

At 2,400m, is our most active volcano and accessible by day trip in spring and only by multi day trip in winter. It’s peak is a form of a lava dome and is still restricted to hike due to recent volcanic activity. The south and north faces hold long lines and even longer ascents and yakeyama's signature volcanic vent can be seen from Hakuba and backcountry areas of Myoko and Kurohime on clear, windless days.

Photo : Yakeyama from Kurosawa




 (火打山) At 2,462m

At 2,462m it is accessible by day trip in spring and only by multi day trip in winter. It has some of the deepest snow and longest alpine only falline in the region. You can see this peak from Nozawa Onsen, Lotte Arai and Hakuba as a distinct white pyramid shape and holds snow through may.



(妙高). At 2,454m

Our base mountain has 5 separate resorts (suginohara, ikenotaira, akakura kanko/onsen & Seki Onsen) and some of the least crowded and deepest backcountry terrain on the planet. It’s peak (2,454 m) is accessible from suginohara and akakura kanko resorts and has inspiring, multi aspect terrain from top to bottom. Myoko-san can be seen from our 2 quad rooms at Gozan Lodge.

IMG_20200106_084503_527 (2).jpg


(黒姫山). At 2,053m

 At 2,053m, Kurohime is our shortest mountain but has the longest sustained backcountry falline of 1300m. You can access from Kurohime ski field which is a 10min drive from Gozan Lodge or one of the many trailheads of Togakushi-Renzan National Park. You can have views of Kurohime from our 2 king mountain view rooms and from the bar.

Photo : From our King "kurohime" Room

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